The First Doge NFT Collection

CryptDoge is a collection of uniquely designed Doges each generated by AI. There is not a single Doge in our collection that looks identical to one another.

The CryptDoge Video Game

We believe the future of digital collectibles will eventually cross paths with the gaming sector. CryptDoge plans to utilize each Doge collectible as a token to play the CryptDoge video game coming in 2022. This means that in order to play the game when it is released, you must own a collectible. Your collectible will be your character and share the same look and attributes.

Collect the Rarest Doges

CryptDoge introduces various different traits that make each doge unique and special. Some traits are more common than others but some are very rare and are harder to collect. Make sure to view our whole collection here to see all the different possibilities!

How it works

There are a total of 50 unique Doges in our collection. Each of them is created by a combination of several different artists. They have varying body types, headwear, accessories and other attributes. Which means that all Doges are rare, but some are rarer than others.

To ensure a fair distribution, the user will not know what Doge they purchase for the first 14 days of the sale. All NFTs are already generated, but not indexed yet. There is a predetermined sequence of Doges, but which one will be the first Doge will only be determined at the end of the sale using a random mechanism on-chain. This method guarantees a fair distribution.